DIY Advice Service

Have you just purchased your new car and are wondering "what can i do to maintain the paint finish myself ?


Do you find it annoying collecting your car from the hand wash stations, and discover scratches that were not their before?


Are you sitting out front on the lawn looking at your car, thinking you would like to color code the mirrors yourself?


Maybe you have just gone bush in your 4wd, and have returned home to find deep scratches on your nice black bull bar, would you like to fix it yourself?


Are you sitting in your shed right now looking at your project restoration car, and are not sure where to start ? and not sure what would be the best paint system to use?


Have you decided to have a crack at repairing the damage on your car yourself, and have run into problems with previous repairs?


Have you removed the bird dropping from your bonnet, but the mark is still their, would you like to know how to remove that mark and others yourself?


Have you wasted too many hours on you-tube, searching for the correct answers, but are more confused now that before?



Paint protection, Wax, Show Room Shine, Hand Glaze, Micro Fiber, Step 1+2+3 Resin Polish, Leather Chamois, Synthetic Chamois, Chamois with holes, Car Wash Foam, UV Protection Products, Swirl Marks, Cut, Buff, Compounding, Touch up paint, Denib,   2k, 1k, etch, Edge Out, Putty Up, Feather Back, Shrinkage, Drip Check, Seam Sealer, Stone Guard, Textured Paint, Blending ..........What does it all mean?


Sraypainting Online can now assist with any problems you have, our DIY Advice Service will come to you, we listen to your concerns, and advise the best possible solution to achieve the results yourself.


We spend up to two hours guiding "you" through the procedures required to get the job done right,, so if you would like to learn how to do a small paint touch up yourself, brush touch those paint chips, finish that car restoration, or how to correctly apply paint protection on your own vehicle yourself,,........... SPOL is here to help.


You Get

  • 2 hours of hands on Technical advice 101 with Joe Black 
  • We come to you.
  • Written shopping list tailored to your needs, detailing what paint shops or auto supply stores to go to in your area.
  • Experience and the knowhow to do it yourself, again and again saving you dollars.
  • Follow up email support when your job is completed.


Cost $220 all up.

MGB mid 60"s,  The owner completely stripped engine bay, removing all traces of paint back to bare metal, the bay was then prep washed, etched primed, all seams were drip checked, then the entire engine bay was 2k primed, and 2k finished in its period correct color Nurburg White

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